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Any news about a new version?


i noticed the last version was released 9 months ago.
there are a lot of feature requests here in this forum that were answered by “in the coming version” - so any news on the new version date?



Thanks for your posting. Yes, the current version (2.4.1) was released about 6 months ago which is a bit more than usual. We’ve been refining and optimizing the TestRail Hosted offering since then, and of course have worked on the new 2.5 version. The 2.5 version is nearly finished and will be released this month (if everything goes as planned). New major features include:

]custom columns for the case/tests grids[/]
]custom sorting/grouping for the case/test grids[/]
]a completely reworked case selection for test runs/plans with filters[/]
]defect plugins for Redmine, Lighthouse and Pivotal Tracker[/]
]case selection based on the previous status when re-running a test run/plan[/]
]improved email notifications[/*]

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case you have any further questions.