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Annoyance in the JIRA integration dialog



when defining, what fields shall be used in the push action to JIRA, the following is displayed


So what are the three Steps ? When adding them, one can see the difference, but it would be great, if one could do this already in the dialog


There are 3 “steps” in you fields configuration

First step is when you use “test case (Text)” template
Second is for “Test case (Steps)” template
Third is for result for template “Test Case (steps)”

I recommend you to rename these fields, it’s easier when you want to export or configure something


I know where the fields are coming from, I wished they are already distinguished in the dialog.

But then I’m wondering why Steps_result are also shown as Steps in the dialog


Because “Steps” is the display name of “Step_results”. If you want another name in the dialog change the label of the field