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Announcing TestRail 6.3 with Enhanced Jira Integration

Thanks, Simon.
Just to be clear, I need not do anything at this point?


Hi @ydlazkov

Nope - if you’re on the latest version of the TestRail for Jira add-in, then you should be all good. :+1:


I’ve done the same with my integration, removing the custom fields, but due to the amount of required fields we have in jira this is making the bug push almost impossible for us to use. We are having to fill the remaining fields in Jira, which kind of defeats the purpose of the integration for us.

Is there an incident recorded someone that can be tracked regarding the issue with the custom fields on the Jira integration? Any updates on when this is likely to be resolved and the work-around can be removed?

Hi @n.rodgers, @teresa - the issue with custom fields and the Jira defect push has a fix which we are just in the process of fixing currently.

A release should be forthcoming very soon.


We just upgraded and overall experience is so bad.
Very slow navigation, a lot of

php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution

errors, taking a while to load test sections.

Hi @ninodooc - not quite sure what’s going on for you there… Please send an email to our support team via and we can take a look for you if necessary.


Please do not forget to update the Docker images with the latest tags :slight_smile:

@rtaprest - thanks for the reminder! We have a fix to release for the Jira push defect issues; once that’s done, we’ll get the Docker images updated also :+1:


have Same problem. Now I can’t integrate new projects, and only 1 remained from the old ones and I can’t change it

Is it possible or planned to have the integration of one testrail instance with many jira instances?
I would be particularly interested in being able to reference issues from different jira instances.


Hi @shiv,
probably you have to precise your request a little bit.
It is already possible to integrate one TestRail instances with many Jira instances - on project level.
Means, every TestRail project can have it’s own JIRA instance configured.
Having a TestRail project configured to different JIRA project is not possbile.

The change now is related to the other side, before the TR-plugin in JIRA was only able to handle one TestRail instance, now it is possible to configure based on JIRA-project level.

This is also our concern. This test plan has a lot to offer in terms of flexibility in running multiple configurations using one test case only that test run can’t do. But, again, this test plan is still useless for our team without the results linked to Jira…
We hope and waiting for a long time to be added to the releases. Though we thought and excited when we saw that they added a reference to link test plan (test run) entries to Jira tickets but we are disappointed…
We are still hoping that this will be added to the next release… PLEASE!