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Am I interpreting 'Final Status' correctly?


I have created additional status entries such as ‘Invalid’, ‘Pass:Issue(s)’ and checked the box for ‘This status is a final status’. With this status chosen, the test case is completed for this run and this person’s test run progress should reflect this. However, it appears to me that anything but ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ will only contribute to the progress of the test run completion for this person.

For example, if a tester is assigned 10 test cases in a run and 2 test cases are labelled with our ‘Pass:Issue(s)’ and 2 are labelled with our ‘Invalid’ and 8 are ‘Passed’, this tester shows there are 4 Todos in their progress bar.

I have Test Rail v4.0.0.3252.

Am I misinterpreting what Final Status means?



Thanks for your posting. The ‘final status’ has a slightly different meaning and is currently only used for the Progress page/reports. It’s already planned to make this more flexible and we might change this behavior in the future (or probably add an additional option for this).