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Always show all Test Cases


Is it possible to always show “all test cases”?
we are using very large suites and always have to select “show all”.
What’s even worse: after e.g. editing a test case, we have to select it again.


I found the setting for the pagination limit.
The highest setting is 750 (which is enough, but could I change this value?)



Thanks for your posting. Yes, there’s the pagination option under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface to configure this. We don’t support loading more than 750 tests/test cases by default because we want the pages to open quickly even if you have thousands of test cases per test suite/run. For large test suites/runs we also recommend using the compact view mode which displays a single section/group at a time only and this is similar to how Windows Explorer or Finder work.

Regarding keeping the position after editing a test case: this will be improved in a future version. We began working on a redesign of the test suite/run pages a while ago and this feature is high on our list of things to look into for this version.