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Alternative to export, modify, import?



Let’s say I want to create a number of testsuites. Sometimes, there will be one test that is used in more than one suite, which means I have to create a duplicate by importing that certain test case into a new suite.

We thought of one solution, which is to add a number of checkboxes that would simulate each suite. Then we create a new project (Test case creating project) where we create all test cases and uses the checkboxes on each test case to select which suite(s) it should be included in. When all cases are written, we export the suite, make a sorting of all cases that belongs to a certain suite (checkbox) and then import that file again.

I wonder, is there another way of doing this by not choose to export, edit, and import the data?

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I’m not sure if I fully understand the reason for exporting/importing the data, but did you know that you can also copy/duplicate test cases directly in TestRail? Taken from the TestRail 2.0 online help:

"There are two ways to copy and move test cases within TestRail:

  • Copy/move from another test suite

If you want to copy or move test case or entire sections from another test suite, simply open the Copy or Move dialog from the toolbar of a test suite. You can also use this dialog to duplicate entire test suites.

  • Copy/move within the same test suite

To copy or move test cases and entire sections within a test suite, you can drag & drop cases and sections. To do this, simply drag the little grip icon on the left of the checkboxes. If you want to copy test cases instead of moving them, simply press the Shift key before and during the operation."

Would you be able to use this to setup new project/test suites?



Hmm, I guess I didn’t know myself why I wanted to do like that. The easiest way must be, as you said, to create a suite with different sections. If one case should be available under two sections, then just drag-copy-drop it wherever it should be available. Then new suites can be build with the copy/move function from other test suites.

I think that will do the trick for now at least.

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