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Allow To Delete Comments On Test Results


After we have placed tests into a test run we sometimes comment on the tests before or after result.
However, these comments cannot be deleted, even by myself as admin.
This is frustrating because sometimes a comment is left on an incorrect test.
At the moment the only option we have is to delete the content of the comment so it is empty.
Please allow deleting of entire comment entry.



We would love to have this feature as well (Vote +1)


Yep, it’s planned to look into this along with full editing support for the teams who want it (we plan to make this optional). Happy to add another two votes, thanks!



Another vote for that feature please. It would be great to have more control over what is locked versus what is not locked in the Test Runs in general.


Thanks for your feedback, John!



Hi Tobias,

Is there any expectation, when this will come to reality?

Thank you,


Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your posting. We currently don’t have a time frame but you can override existing test results by adding a new test result with a different status.