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Allow OpenID login



would it be possible to allow openID login for the cloud solution ?

When we will introduce TestRail in our company it would mean to setup a whole number of accounts, people need to setup account info, login data, password etc. As we are already using google accounts for other services, it would be great, if this (via openID) could be used as login into our TestRail instance ?

Is the possible, is this a feature you are thinking about, or is there another possibility ?



Thanks for your posting. It’s planned to add support for single sign on for TestRail Cloud as well (TestRail Server already supports LDAP/Active Directory and custom authentication methods) and we would like to look into this for a future version. You can already add multiple users in one step via the bulk-add feature for users, but I understand that SSO would be great to have as well. Thanks for your feedback!