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Allow for an automatically increasing number in test case names


We create a reference number for each of our test cases that acts as kind of a short name. Since the automatically generated Test Case ID that the TestRail software makes updates for every test run it can’t be used as a reference. The number that we use is a simpler reference that can be verbally used for a section.

We make these up of a series of letters (normally referring to the section) and then an increasing number (e.g. HPM-1 for the first test case related to the Home Page Module section). Is there a way that TestRail can help this number be generated automatically (similar to how Excel would increase the count on the column if you drag down on the cell).


Hi John!

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no built-in feature for this but one option would be to add a custom field (for example, of type string):

You would need to keep track of the increments yourself but you can sort your cases/case repository by this field and quickly find out the highest/latest ID. It’s also already planned to look into offering this feature as part of a custom field and automate this (I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request).