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All the test part of a test run shows up as grouped under "Test & Results", losing original sections


All the test part of a test run shows up as grouped under “Test & Results”, losing original sections

Just realized that our production environment is not showing up the tests part of a Test Run with the Original section and sub-sectoins they have in the Test Suite.

For Instance we might have in the test suite some sections such as :

Once we add the tests to a new Test Run, they will all appear under “Test & Results”

Our test environment of TestRail show the test within the original sections and sub-sections so we must be missing a configuration step on our production environment. Can you help?


PS: I tried to delete the post after realising the problem was in my UI where the “Sort By” was enabled, affecting the output… Clearing it resolved the whole situation…


Hello Pierre,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you found it out already. Yes, this is caused by the Sort By if you change the grouping/order to something else than the sections (e.g. Title or ID attribute). You can change this back anytime in the toolbar above the test tables:

(this is the case repository page but it’s the same for the test runs)