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Alerts banner for TestRail site maintenance



Today the maintenance period kicked in and a number of my team were generating test cases at the time and hit the Save Changes button. The site returned the maintenance error warning and all of their work was lost.

We try and save as much as we can but I’m just imagining if I was half way through a 50 odd step script and I lost this work I would probably have a partial breakdown. :wink:

A pretty simple enhancement will go some way to mitigate against this happening is the addition of an alerts banner that sits at the top of the page and is only visible when you have notices to your users and then you can warn users of the incoming maintenance update in advance so that gives the user the ability to save their work.


Hello Luke,

Thanks for your posting and your feedback on this. I agree that this isn’t optimal and we will make sure to look into this. One option we would like to add eventually is support for configuring the preferred maintenance window (e.g. outside your usual office hours). That said, you should be able to press Ctrl+R to re-submit your data if this ever happens again.



I am facing the same issue:

Within the last 24 hours, our platform was in “maintenance mode” twice for more than 20 minutes during the office hours (10 AM and 17 PM !).

Could you help us understanding why this is so frequent recently, and how could we improve this situation that makes our automated uploads failing. (503 errors)