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Alert for complete test run



Is there any way to add a watcher or subscriber to a test run and have an email sent to that person only after the test run is complete? Thanks.



Hi Branden,

Yes, you can subscribe to notifications via the email icon and this is supported for runs and individual tests. This will currently send notifications when results & comments are added (not when a run is closed) and is often used to track the progress of a run.




Where exactly is this email notification icon? The only email icon I see is to subscribe to Gurock’s newsletter.





Thank you for the image. Also is it possible to send a notification after the entire Test Run is complete? Or do they get emails after every test case is changed?


Hi Branden,

TestRail would send notifications when tests are changed, e.g. when new results or comments are added. No notification is currently sent when closing the test run but we are happy to look into this for a future version.



Hi Tobias,

Where is email notification icon? How to add email icon?


My guess is that email notifications are not turned on. Go to the Administration screen --> Site Settings --> Email and at the bottom of the tab is a check box for Enable email notifications: