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Agile User Stories and TestRail


From my last question I was asking about URL link (traceability) to a user story in Jira.
But what about the idea of using TestRail to record each User Story as a Test Suite and test cases for that User Story as Test Cases?

What problems do you see with that approach?



Hello Roy,

As you can add a description text to suites (rich-test enabled, by the way) where you could describe the user story, this would actually work well. The only small downside I see is that things could get a bit confusing if you add a lot of test suites. The new ‘Small View’ on the overview page should help with this though. To execute all the user stories/suites at once, you could use test plans.

I haven’t really thought about such an scenario before so thanks for bringing this to our attention. I believe this wouldn’t work well with a lot of user stories for performance reasons at the moment though.

How many user stories do you plan to add?



Hi Dennis,

For this particular project, there are very few user stories (about 25) for this phase.
I think it would work really well, having one Test Suite per User Story.

Yes I agree that on project where there might be hundreds of User Stories that might
be a bit harder to manage together with the test cases.

I will give it a try with small amount of user stories and keep you posted on the progress.



Hi Roy,

Sounds good, for 25 user stories this should work well. Let me know how it works out, we are always interested in such feedback. Thanks!