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Advanced Search


Hi … so we really need to be able to search between all projects, but from all the comments it seems like this is not possible, so instead I opted to created one project with different testsuites … and the search does indeed work across all test suites … the problem is, that when we receive the search results, there is no indication on which test suite the search result is … so you would need to go through each one to see what test suite the testcase is coming from.

Any plans to introduce any of the following?

  • The search result should show the name of the test suite
  • Ability to filter the search results
  • When you do a search and click on a testcase, there is no way to go back to the test results.



Hi Patricia,

Thanks for your post! We do have plans to improve the search feature overall, including addressing the points you’ve brought up here in your post, however we don’t have any timeframe/ETA that we can provide for this just yet. We’re happy to review this for a future update to TestRail, and I’ve added your vote and feedback to the feature request. Thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated!