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Adopt input box sizes accordingly to content in them when entering edit mode


You have some test case with lets say 15 lines of text in expected result.

Click “E” to enter edit mode.

Block’s size containing expected results is automatically fit to amount of content in it.

Block have always static size, which makes not so user friendly editing of test cases, especially when you have lot of steps with big amount of info in them.


Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for your feedback. You can dynamically change the height with the slider at the bottom of the field but I agree that setting this automatically based on the content would be a good idea. You can also change the default height in the field options under Administration > Customizations and then edit the field:




Do you plan to implement dynamic width change?



Hi Vladimir,

Thank you for your post. Currently I do not know of any specific plans to implement dynamic width change but I would be happy to make note of this and submit a feature request on your behalf.

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team