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[Admin, Roles] Permission to add projects


I would like to create a user role that does not have permission to add projects or suits.
I can only find the suit option but none for adding projects?
…or what does the configuration option mean?

How can I solve this?
Kind regards,


Katarina, only Admins have the ability to add projects, so as long as the new user isn’t given admin status then they can’t create projects. Their ability to create test suites can then be set through permissions.

Hope that helps,


Yes, now i found the combination of administration rights and the admin role.
Thank you!


Hello Katarina,

Thanks for your posting (and to Neil for answering this already!). Yes, you currently need to grant admin rights to allow users to create projects. It is planned to look into decoupling this from the administration area in a future version and making this more flexible.



Is this still planned for? As would solve my dilemma for having the people who need to create projects also having system level access to the integration pieces which is what i do not want them to have.


Currently you would need to have admin permissions to create new projects as many related settings (custom fields for a project, user permissions) etc. would be required for this. But we still plan to review a simplified admin role at some point.


Our side, we would like to grant QA team the right to create new projects. But not the right to adds users, this should be limited to few administrators as this imply begetary approval for additionnals liscence fees.

Is there actualy a way to do this?