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"admin" permissions on a per-project basis


Is there any way to give a user “admin” privileges to a specific project? As a single Admin user managing this is becoming almost a full time job.

Not sure how large of an install base we have, we’re around 150 users across 9 different projects. I am getting requests to have users belong to different projects, but with different permission levels. Although this is achievable with Testrail; managing is becoming a nightmare.

It would be much easier if I could give project owner permissions to someone and they can decide who gets access to what (and the level) for their specific project. And as we grow larger (we are about to get another 100 licenses) this is just becoming more and more unmanageable.

Please help!



Go to “administration”, select the project tab, select the project you would like edit, select the “access tab”, scroll down to the user who should become admin, in the last column select the role you want to grant to this user (like lead).

With this the user can do almost anything within the project. I don’t think you want different users to be admins, as they can mess up ANYTHING like integration settings, customizations etc.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your posting and feedback! For larger TestRail installations, we can recommend working with user groups for permissions instead of/in addition to users. You can find a full overview of TestRail’s permissions system and roles here:

We are also happy to look into project administrators and we already have this on our feature request list (I’ve just added another vote, thanks!).



Yup, we are using group-based permissions for all of our projects. We have a group per-project and then add users to that project for them to gain access.

The problem begins to happen when a user needs access to multiple projects with different permissions. For instance, for access to ProjectA the user needs full permissions (add/delete/modify); but for access to ProjectB they only need “add” permissions.

Right now, I assign a user a role (say “Full Permissions”) but any project they are added to they will have these permissions. Now, I can override those on a per-user basis per project as well which is great; except it’s a management nightmare trying to keep pace with what user has access to what project at what level (and what user has their permissions overridden on a certain project).

I posted awhile ago that it would be good to have an API that allows us to query and preferably set user permissions. Then I could simply link a script to (daily, hourly, or whatnot) update user permissions based on our LDAP server (since we can’t integrate them on the cloud).

But right now, alas, it’s close to being unmanageable keeping all the different users, groups and permissions. if i could give a user who is a project “project admin”; even if all that user could do is add/remove/set permissions for users that would be a huge benefit to me (and anyone else who Admins the system in whole).

On a related note; when is the next release planned for Testrail? :smile:


Thanks for the additional details, Jim! Project administrators are definitely something we would like to look into for a future version and better reporting for user permissions and role across projects is also on our list.

There’s currently no expected release date for the next TestRail version but the new version is coming along nicely and we have a few nice things planned, so stay tuned :slight_smile:



This post is really old but did anything ever get done on this? I have the hosted license so I know I am running the latest version. I only have 7 users and already, I want to hand off complete control of a team’s projects to a team leader, but ONLY for his team’s projects.


Hi Curtis,

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no update on this and TestRail still has regular users and (global) administrators. Administrators can change anything in the administration area (including managing projects) so we recommend limiting this to just a few users.




any update on this request?
Currently we also need Project Administrator due to specific custom case fields must be often updated (such as ‘label’ fields for each project).
In order to avoid that Admin user must manage all projects, we would like to make specific users able to manage project customizations.



Hi Damiano,

Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to look into this, and agree that this would be useful to have; however, we don’t have a timeframe/ETA that we can provide for this just yet. I’ve also added your vote and feedback to this request on your behalf. I would recommend keeping an eye on our blog for updates as we always publish a new post with each release that details the new features/changes to TestRail:




Any updates on this feature, we have been missing this the past 1-2 years?.