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Admin Access per Project


Apologies if this has already been asked, the last post about a year ago ended with someone putting this on a features list.

I wish to setup each project independently with different Admins, who do not have admin access to other projects.
i.e. when they click on Administration, the only project they can see/access is the one I have assigned them to.

The business reason, is giving individuals the right to manage adding users to their projects, to free up my time.
But limit the impact they have on other projects.



Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, this is still on our list of feature requests and it’s planned to look into this for a future version. We currently don’t have an estimate but this has been asked before and we understand that this is important for larger teams, thanks for your feedback!



I too am interested as I asked this same question earlier today. I hope it can be resolved soon as the alternative is to try to find another product as this is causing a lot of overhead for a very small group who is already overloaded.


Best regards,

Dan Kiewicz