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Additional feature about profiling


one more feature for profiling

you can and a filter for entry that have a time difference bigger than a specified amount. This feature could be combined with standard PCRE selection

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone


Hello Giuseppe,

I’m not sure how useful this filter would be, because it would probably be difficult to understand the context of the displayed log entries if you only show those log entries that a have a big time difference to the previous log entry. But improving the analysis of profiling data like timestamps and/or amount of functions calls etc. in general sounds nice and I just added it to our feature request list.


I can explain better.

In some situation (tracing messages for example) everything you can do trace a lot of message. Actually i wait 30 secs before a specific action and then i search manually a difference of 30 secs of more in trace.

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone


Hello Giuseppe,

I think the better way to do this is to log a special message when you start the specific action. For example, if you add a checkpoint after the 30 seconds, you can easily jump to this log entry in the Console by using the functionality of the Navigate menu or use this checkpoint to filter for specific messages/events in your code. Checkpoints can be added with the SiMain.AddCheckpoint method.