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Additional collaboration and messaging features; private messaging


Expanding on my request for better messaging and collaboration, is private messaging. Nothing complicated, but allowing certain groups to add private comments to test results. e.g. We have a client completing a test plan that fails a test case because of something they think the system should do. The requirements are unclear so I want to ask the primary developer whether this was the intended functionality.

Here is a pic of the current situation:

I would like to be able to click the Add Comment button and select my developer, click private and ask them: Is this something we were suppose to provide?

The comment would appear in their ToDo list, and in the test case comments, for our group (and the admins, of course), but not for others. I want to have a clear direction for a response before I add it for the client to see.

To further extend this, an email notification would be ideal so that when filling out the private note to my developer, I could flag an email notification which would send it to them. Also alerting them that they have a pending ToDo that needs addressing.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for the suggestion. I understand that having a way to exchange comments and messages privately within TestRail is especially useful for teams that directly work with a customer/client in TestRail. I’ve added the suggestion to our feature request list to our other workflow-related improvement requests and we will look into this when we work on these tasks. Let us know if you see other things that would make it easier to work with the workflow/project setup you have.