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Adding the comment to notification


When I assing testcases to a user, the user receives a notification email.
In this email there is currently the link to the test run and the project.

Is it somehow possible to display the comment that can be entered in the assignment dialog in this notification mail ?



Thanks for your posting. That’s currently not supported but customizing the email templates is already on our todo/feature request list (I’ve just added another vote). It’s likely that custom email templates will then also support fields that are currently not available such as the comments for assignments or test results.



Hi Tobias,

Are there any plans to introduce the customizing emails feature in the near upgrades? Please add my vote to this


Hello Aleksandra,

Yep, there are plans for this but we currently don’t have a time frame for this unfortunately. I’m happy to add your vote and thanks for your feedback on this :slight_smile:



Hi Tobias,

This feature request appears to be 4 years old and the last update was 2 years ago.

I am wondering, is there a status update on this request? Our teams would really like to use this feature and are wondering if it is currently available or is it still on your todo list somewhere?

An update would be much appreciated.