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Adding testcase to a spesific configuration suite only


Is it possible to add testcase(s) only to chosen suit(s) created with configurations?

For example related to different platforms mobile/desktop, or is only way to add all the cases to the suite and then mark them with custom status(Skipped/NotAvailable/etc) as needed?


Hello Marko,

Thanks for your posting. It is currently not supported to configure a different subset of test cases per configuration. What you can do, however, is to add your test suites multiple times to the same test plan (with a custom case selection) and use this instead of or in combination with configurations. Would this work for you?



After investigating little more found out that I can use References and configurations in combination to get the Customised suites nicely.


Thanks for the update, Marko. Good to hear that you found a solution that works well for you.



Hi MarkOn. Could you share an example of how you set this up? I’m looking for help on the same scenario


I would be interested in how you accomplished this as well. We have multiple products and configurations. Sometimes a test applies only to 1 product or 1 configuration, other times it spans across multiple product and/or configurations. we would like to be able to create highly customizable test suites and runs, for each project. I’m confused as to why this is available (and could use work) on the test run creation but not when creating test suites. With over 10000 test cases I find the idea of one massive project to hold them all and then scrolling through a list to find what I want to be tedious and time consuming,This is one of the major goals we hoped to be able to accomplish using test rail and if we cannot do this it basically makes the product not suitable for our needs.