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Adding Test Run to Test Plan


When i setup my project i selected not to use test suites. I created a test run with a bunch of test cases now i am creating a test plan. When i want to add a test run to my test plan it not allow me to select an existing test run. I saw from the video it was possible using test suites and test plans. Do i have to change my project setup to get this functionality?

It looks like i cant select an existing test run and add that to my test plan. I have to recreate my test run.

My idea was to have template test runs and add those to each of my test plans. It looks like this way i always have to create the test run within the test plan?


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your posting. You would always add new test runs to a plan and this would be independent from the single-suite/multi-suite mode. Standalone runs cannot be added to test plans and you would add test runs to a test plan directly on the plan form (via the Add Test Run button in the sidebar). Test plans also allow you to use configurations to auto-create test runs (e.g. based on configurations for browsers, operating systems, etc.):