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Adding test results to new case gives "The test run is already completed." error


Hi, i’m trying to use the api to create a new test run and add results from my automated testing to it.

To achieve this I create a new test run via “add_run” and specify:

  • suite_id
  • name
  • assignedto_id
  • include_all
  • case_ids

However when i then take that new test run and try to call “add_result” pass/fail for it i get the error message:
“error”: “This operation is not allowed. The test run is already completed.”

I think my issue may be that i am forgetting a step or creating my new test run incorrectly causing it to be created and automatically closed at the same time.


Hi John,

Thanks for your posting. Please make sure you pass the correct IDs to add_result and this API function would expect the test ID (numeric part of the T### vs. case IDs with the format C###). If you have the case ID (and new run ID returned by add_run) instead, it’s simpler to call add_result_for_case instead:



I switched to add_result_for_case and got it to work, thank you!


Hi John,

That’s great to hear, thanks for the update!