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Adding Test Case number to Results box

I would like the Test Case number to be added to the Result. I have tried doing a customization by adding a field called “Case Number” and using the System_Name of “case_id” since I saw in the APIs that this is the internal name for the id of the test case.

This doesn’t work - the field is there, but it is blank. Has anyone customized their Results box to include the original Case Number (not the Test Number)? If so, how did you do it?

Thanks in advance.

There would have to be some amount of coding to do since a Test Case in a Run is a copy of the original Test Case in the Respository. Test Rail has a link internally so you can edit the original test case from the Run screen but I don’t think that data is available outside of that screen.

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Thank you. I just decided to add the %tests:original_case_id% field to the description in the defect dialog box. That will work for now.