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Adding tables to test cases with separate steps



i was wondering why there is no support for adding a table to a step when having separate steps ?

They can be added manually as described here, but I was wondering why there is no icon and support as e.g. for Preconditions ?


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. Steps also support tables but it’s not a commonly used formatting option with steps (as steps are already tables/table rows if you will), so we decided to omit the table icons for the steps. You can, however, use the table formatting dialog of a different field (e.g. Preconditions) and then cut+paste the generated table snippet to a step.



Hi Tobias,

thanks for your answer - yes of course I can copy the table from e.g. preconditions and this is actually enough for me, so case closed… thanks again


Great to hear that this works for you :slightly_smiling: