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Adding step fails

Unable to create test case with multiple steps, because UI for adding steps fail.
When trying to create or edit test case, after clicking the Add Step button, steps do not have width.



Welcome to the TestRail Community and thanks for your post.

In order to assist you better, could you please let me know which TestRail version are you using ? Is it on cloud or server ? Has anybody else in your team experienced the same issue ? Any particular steps you followed which can help me to replicate the issue ?

Looking forward to hear from you.


Hello, @shanu.mandot

I’m using TestRail v6.6.0.1156. It’s on cloud.
My teammates experience the same problem.

Step to reproduce:

  1. From the TEST CASES tab click Add Test Case button
  2. Change the template of test case to Test Case (Steps)
  3. Click Add Step button on the bottom right

Steps and Expected result fields can not be populated cause they does not have width as displayed above on the screenshot.

adding each step behaves the same


This is still reproducing after TestRail release, so we are still unable to create test case with multiple steps. Here is the screenshot again:

Also the same issue exist when trying to edit existing test case by adding one step.

We would be really grateful if you fix this issue with next release.

Best regards,


Also, if this can be helpful to determine the bug cause, browser console shows next error upon Add step button click: “jquery.js:23 Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #”

Hi @stancic - we are investigating this issue, but can’t reproduce it (the console error appears to be unrelated). If you have any additional information you can supply which will help us isolate it, that would be helpful.

Information about any customisations (additional fields on your case templates) would be helpful here, I suspect.


Exactly the same issue even i am facing. Please fix this ASAP. my work is severely getting affected.

Got exactly same issue. Found a solution - it was because of Kaspersky Security Cloud error.

Just disable Kaspersky to enable fields to edit, and vice versa. :slight_smile: checked.

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Thanks for sharing this @Vlad85!

I don’t see that this is somehow related to Kaspersky, at least not in my case. As aforementioned only error I receive is jQuery related and which is probably caused by adding <div to <tbody instead of <tr <td (see the screenshot below)

I am currently using clones of previously created test case as workaround for this issue, where I need to clone the test case with enough steps, clean prepopulated fields and then enter new values. Even here the bug is still reproducing when need to add some step.

This is state after click Add Step

Here is the screenshot of the customization we have for separated steps: