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Adding Sections within Test Suites

It seems with the upgrade to Version, functionality has changed for adding sections to Test Suites. Previously we could add sections without first having to add a test case. Now, it seems, we can only add sections after a first test case has been created with a default section called Test Cases.
I believe this adds unnecessary steps to the process as well as being inconvenient. When my team starts a project, one of the first things we do is to create sections within the project so we then know where the test cases will go. Now we have to create that first test case and then have to rename the default section.

I don’t understand why this feature was changed.

What kind of project do you add new projects as ? I tested in our server instance and had no issues creating Sections before creating cases:

The above is when using a Single Repository for all cases…

we use multiple test suites to manage test cases not the single repository option

Multiple suites gives me the option to add either a Section or a Test Case:

and it allows me to add a Section before a case:

The crating of suites should be independent of how sections and Test Cases are added.

Adding a second suite also gives me the same option:

And I can add a Section before a case:

Do you get an error message when you try and create a Section or is the option to create a section not displayed like the screen shot shows?

If the Add Section button is not displayed - then I would look at the Role permissions… Or maybe your specific install (cloud version?) is having difficulties?

So I’m wondering if maybe, as you suggest, our cloud version was having difficulties because as of now, I am seeing the option for creating sections whereas I didn’t see it on Friday or this morning (Monday, Aug 12).

Thank you for looking into this matter