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Adding Screen Shots DIRECTLY into Testrail


I can see a discussion going back to 2011 on this subject, I would be keen to know if this is now possible - and if so, how. If someone has a way of “making it so”, I would be really grateful.

If it still isn’t possible I would like to add my vote, as I see this as good ‘time-saving’ functionality. Whilst adding a file is fine - the screenshot functionality that I have become accustomed to in Jira and other tools has spoilt me and I am very pro “working smarter and not harder”.


Hi Rochelle,

Thanks for your feedback! It’s still planned to look into this and with browsers getting better at everything at such a fast pace, we would like to look into better screenshot support for one of the next versions (drag & drop and maybe copy & paste for now). I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks again!