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Adding results to a Multi step Test Case, in progress


Apologies if this has already been answered
Test has 30 steps, you add result for 15 steps, save the test as In Progress (as it’s the end of the day)
You come back and carry on testing at step 16.

The results for Step 1-15 are saved, however step 16-30 get saved in a different set of results.

It would be much better to show each step’s results together. Is this possible?

If you have a Test Scenario, that is being shared between multiple people, it could be confusing showing where you are up to in the testing.

Hopefully this is a view or setting I have missed.


Hello Stuart,

Thanks for your post! These would always be treated as separate results and so the step statuses would only be shown in their separate result. We typically recommend just adding a comment on each result (especially the latest result) to clarify the multiple results that have been submit for the test. TestRail would always just use the latest result’s overall status for reporting/metrics as well. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco
Thanks for the reply.
It’s a shame you can’t easily see which steps have been tested when you return “Add Results” to a test in progress

If a test has not been completed, the tester would surely want to pickup testing where they left off and continue testing, to record a full set of test steps?

What you have described above would be perfect if you are to re-run a test however, my scenario is continuation of testing.

Could this be added to the product backlog and be reviewed as a potential CR.


The only way I can see around this is to create 1 account and share with all the testers.
That way a 20 step test scenario, being tested by different people would only have 1 set of results.

They would all be logged in and when the previous step is updated and it comes to their step, they edit the results to add in their steps results.

Seems the best workaround we can think of at the moment, at the Test Case/Scenario is only being tested once, with one end to end run, just with different people doing the steps, as you would expect.

Can you see any real issues in this?
I am currently testing this as a solution