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Adding new fields to the defect Lookup function


My PHP isn’t very strong, so I may be missing something…
I’ve spent the last day trying to customize the jira_REST defect plugin so add an additional field to the lookup function (fixVersions), so that field can be shown in the preview windows without leaving testrail.
Unfortunately I’ve hit a dead end - the preview frame now reports an unknown variable error.

Is there a (hopefully documented) way to do this, or is it unsupported at this time?

Thank you


Hello Robert,

Thanks for your posting. Do you have a developer on your team who could help with this? I’m asking as customizing a defect plugin requires PHP/programming experience as well as experience with API (JIRA in this case).



Hi Tobias,
As part of the operations team I do have experience with programming (mostly in scripting languages) and APIs. I’m simply not very experienced with PHP in particular.
Unfortunately we can’t spare the developer resources for this at the moment.


Hello Robert,

Thanks for your reply. PHP experience would be required to customize the scripts and an experienced developer should be able to add your customizations within 2-3 hours. If you don’t have the chance to forward this task to a developer, you can also look into using the log/debug features that come with TestRail to debug/troubleshoot your customizations:

I hope this helps!



Anyway it would be nice to have it updatable on the JIRA REST connection configuration - same as [push.fields]


The Lookup dialog currently uses a fixed set of fields (different depending on the defect plugin) but I agree that customizing this would be great to have. It’s still planned to look into this, thanks for your feedback, Mihail!