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Adding new custom fileds to existing Cases




I have 30 existing testcases in project “1”. Now I create an new custom field called “test” which is required and has a default value assigned in its configuration. This new custom filed is assigned to project “1” only.

This new filed is available to new cases, but not in the old existing cases_; I have to re-edit all of them.

Is there a way, that all existing cases get the new field with it’s default?

There seems to be a bug though: If I edit en existing testcase, the new field has no default value in it, although i have set one.

cheers, Jan


Hello Jan,

Thanks for your posting. The default value for custom fields is only used for the Add Test Case form when you add a new test case. Existing test cases won’t be updated and the default value is also not used when editing an existing test case (this is by design in order to prevent accidental changes). You could look into using the API to update all old test cases and it is also planned to look into adding support for mass-editing test cases.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.