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Adding multiple test suites to milestone


Maybe I’m doing this wrong, but we have 40 test suites representing different functional areas of our product. Currently, the only way I know how of adding a suite to a milestone is to choose Run Test for each suite, and add it to the milestone. Surely, there has to be a better way? Can I clone an existing milestone? Can I multiselect test suites to add to a milestone?



Create a test plan and add all your test suites into it. Then attach the test plan to the milestone.

Testrail will automatically start a test run for each test suite.



Thanks Tuomas, that’s what I’m looking for…I don’t know how I missed that before. From some more reading, I found that Rerun of a prior milestone will create a test plan with the same tests, which satisfies my cloning inquiry.



Hi Tim,

You can use test plans if you have many test suites. An alternative (and the recommend option) is to use fewer test suites and TR 4.0 even uses a single suite/case repository for new projects by default: