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Adding multiple references to Test Cases over time


Hey guys,

TestRail has been great, and we love the product. One thing that I am wondering is if there is a way to add multiple references (to Jira issues) to Test Cases, without having them over write what references were already there in the first place. For example:

TC1 - ERP1
TC2 - ERP1
TC3 - ERP1

TC4 - ERP2
TC5 - ERP2

Okay, so I just created TC6 with no references. I then go to the Test Case suite and select TC1, TC2, and TC6. I then ‘Edit’ these TCs. In the references field, it displays ‘various’. I’d like to be able to enter a new reference here, and have it not overwrite the ‘various’ other references that I have already had in place, so I can keep that history, and I will always know that a TC was related to a particular Jira issue at one time.

Is this possible, or am I setting this up incorrectly?


Sounds like you are using the Case References for bug tracking? Generally we use the Test Case reference to the original user story and all bugs are tracked in our Test Run Results.

We don’t care about tracking bugs to the test case - we want it specific to the overall user feature.


Well, that is not really how we are using it currently.

We are attempting to use the references to link a particular TC (or multiple) to all of the Jira issues that it would be associated with. We may want to use a TC multiple times on different Jira issues, for regression purposes.


I am also curious about this, as the product we are working on is undergoing significant changes, so we’ve got the original epic ticket that defines a feature, task tickets for specific functionality, and now additional ticket(s) to define changes.