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Adding Links in Report PDF Description Field

I’d like to create links in the Report Description field, which are linkified in the PDF.

Specifically, I want to list each failing test, why it’s failing, and a link to the corresponding Jira ticket.

This works for the online version of the report, but the PDF does not have it. I’m afraid I’ll have to explicitly list the link, and let my readers copy/paste it to a browser window.


Hi QM64,

Thank you for posting! With the built-in reports that are available from the Reports tab, URLs pasted in the Description field of the report are already clickable with both the HTML and PDF versions of the report. If you are unable to click on these links when viewing the report in a web browser, it’s possible you are using an outdated version of TestRail. Please make sure you have the most recent version of TestRail installed and try this again. You can make sure you have the most recent version installed by clicking the ‘check for update’ link in the About TestRail section under Administration > Overview.

I hope this helps!


I’ve played around with various things in the description field, and it is not working as you say.

Here is what I settled on in the edit window:

1. [CORE-1278: Large fluctuations of PID output after load removed]( 

Here is a screenshot of the online version, where you can see that both last 2 lines are clickable (well, they are, but windoze screenshot is lame, so take my word for it):

Here is a screenshot of the PDF version of same, where only the last line, literally a URL, is clickable. The line above it is not. (Again, take my word for it.) (This is in the Chrome browser on windoze.)

TestRail version

(BTW, when I click “check for update”, it reports:

You are already using the latest TestRail version ( and there is no need to upgrade your installation.

Which doesn’t match!)

Hi @QM64,

Thanks for the follow-up and additional feedback! While HTML reports in TestRail would support Markdown links, PDF reports would only interpret full URLs.

I have also been able to verify this by testing various links within the Description field, as shown below.

When creating a report:

The Description field of the PDF report. Only the links inside the box are clickable.

That being said, we do understand how these Markdown links would be helpful in the description field and I will add your feedback to an improvement request for PDF reports.

In the meantime, however, we would recommend using full URLs in the description field if these links are needed.

Hope this helps,