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Adding JIRA ticket as reference to the testruns belonging to a testplan

Thanks for adding the new feature to tag a “testrun” to the “jira tickets”.

I do not see a way to do that if I try to create a new testrun thats part of a test plan, this option seems to be only working for the individual test runs that are not part of any testplan. I tried doing that with the API’s as well, the system just does not allow me to do it? Wonder how such a bug missed out from your cycle of testing?


Thanks for reaching out! The test run references, as you mentioned, only work currently for individual test runs. It’s already on our to do list to also support test runs within a test plan. You can also always subscribe to our blog to keep an eye out for updates, as we would always publish a new post with each new release that details all of the new features/changes to TestRail:


Thats a pretty bad implementation, no matter you introduced a really nice feature, but in the end its incompleted and bad implementation, when are you going to address this as its not a feature but rather a bug that got introduced? This is forcing me to move from my current structure, instead of test plans, i have to use direct milestones or test-runs.