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Adding info to test results


I’m fairly new to test rail and having real problems with anything but the simplest case in a test run

I have some case with many, many steps and may not finish in one go. Problem is if I get half way through entering results and save the results. when i go back to add more results, I can’t change the status of the case (only steps)

Seems when I click add results again i have to start over and then how do I see both sets of resutls


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your posting. We recommend adding a new result in this case (continuing with the step where you left off). Previous results/statuses cannot be changed so you have a reliable test history but you can simply add multiple results to “override” the status of previous results.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Tobias

So will a report just show the latest status of the case?


Hi Mark,

Yes, most reports will just use the latest status. Some reports (the line charts) report on the activity instead of the latest status and this includes all results but most other reports (e.g. the pie and bar charts) just use the latest status.