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Adding Features to Testuites adds them to an active testrun!?



I have a Testuite with Feature A-B-C-D. I launch a testrun with these 4 features. During this time we update our Testsuite with Features E-F (but there are not ready to test yet). Why does my active testrun contain Features E-F now?

My report should be 100% complete after testrun with Features A-B-C-D instead it shows 75% complete because of new Features added to the Testuite…this is not accurate.

Can someone explain the workflow on why this would be done this way.



I believe if you have “Include all test cases” selected when you create the test run, it will keep runs synchronized with the suite. Instead, you should probably select “Select specific test cases” when creating the run. You can select all anyways, but it won’t automatically add any newly added cases.


Ok thanks Logan, we will give it a try on the next testruns.



Hello Domenic,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, you would need to use a custom selection (as opposed to “Include all test cases”) as Logan already mentioned (thank you!). New test cases are automatically added to all related test runs with the “Include all” option enabled.



It’s also helpful to note that updates to test case steps, descriptions, etc will automatically update on changes for any active test run, even if the test is marked with results.


Hello Ryan,

Yes, changes to existing test cases are propagated to all active test runs as well. If you need more control over the versioning of your test cases and test runs, we recommend using baselines for your project:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)