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Adding extra field to 'Edit user' window

Hello, guys!
I have got a task to add an extra field to ‘Edit user’ window. I created UI script, added the field to the page. But the problem is that no matter what I put into - server (or DB?) doesn’t get data from this field. As you can see on attached pictures form sends data from this input, but I can’t check the server’s response (don’t know why). Is it possible at all to do this? Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Eduardo,
do you really think a custom field will be handled by adding it via UI script?
Of course you can make it part of the post, but without the business logic on server side it neither will become persistant in the db nor it will be part of the response.

Custom fields are managed via the administration area and are only available for test cases and the result. Right now the user data can’t be enriched using custom fields in this way. IMHO this is not supported.

Probably the suport will create a feature request for this again…
Or you think about an external solution by enriching your solution to store the info out of TestRail. Just a silly idea if you really need it.


Thank you for your reply, Karsten.
Of course I know that there must be server logic to make it work.
Ok, hope they add this feature in upcomig updates.