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Adding defect link to an existing failing result



a test is marked as failed, but it was forgotten to link the defect to the result. It seems now, that to link the defect with the test, you need to add a new failing result, which seems wrong.

Is it true that I cannot add a link to an existing test result ? Or do I not see that ?


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. You can edit results via the small Edit link below the author/date of the result. This is time-limited by default (one day) but this can be disabled under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface.

I hope this helps!



It seems only the user that added the result is able to edit, or am I missing something here?

This is especially problematic when automatically importing results from an automation framework. This is usually done running a service account. Now, if a Fail is added, no one can add a defect to the result afterwards.

Is there workaround or how is it supposed to be handled?



I am having the exact same problem. We run automated suites through an “automation superuser” account. When I go back to TestRail using my personal account and check at the failures, I would like to Edit those Failed runs and add/link a Defect ID, but I can’t.

Can this be solved by someone granting me some sort of superuser permissions on my personal account, so that I can modify others’ runs and add Defect links?


As far as I can see no one besides the original user that added the result can modify it. I’m “Admin” on our instance and even I can’t modify the result.


We have the same exact problem. My selenium runner records the failures, but I go in the next day and confirm the failure manually and put in a Jira ticket, and I need to be able to link that ticket to the result.