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Adding configuration details for test runs in Test Plan



I am trying to add the configurations to runs in a test plan using the API. I am getting this constant error:

testrail.APIError: TestRail API returned HTTP 400 ("Field :entries has configurations but no test runs.")

I am trying to add configurations while creating the plan entry itself. I am creating the plan entry in this manner:

result = self.client.send_post(
                "add_plan_entry/" + str(plan_id),
                {"suite_id": suite, "include_all": False,
                 "case_ids": case_array, "config_ids": self.config_ids.values()})

Would appreciate your help in solving this.


Hi Sanath,

Thanks for your posting. In addition to the configuration IDs, you would also need to specify the test runs so TestRail knows how to map the configurations. You can find a full example of how this looks like here:

(under “Request example”)

You can also override the case selection, assignee and description per run/configuration.

I hope this helps!



Sorry for my delayed response! This worked perfectly. Thanks so much!


Thanks for the confirmation, Sanath! You are welcome :slight_smile: