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Adding cases to Test Run via coverage report?


Is the some sort of way to build a Test Run based on Coverage for References reports? The reason I ask is because I am having to jump through hoops to just add cases to a new sprint Test Run which is driving me crazy. We use JIRA to manage our stories and TestRail to manage the test cases. But we do not use folders in a way that makes it practical to use them to add to a run so what I end up doing is below…

First I added a multi-select field where I can add a sprint(s) to a test case in TestRail. Then I filter in JIRA all the items which will be in sprint x and export to CSV. I load this file in Excel and copy out the ID’s. Back in TestRail I build a coverage report and paste these ID’s into it so a report is generated on all the cases which link to JIRA stories, as well I can see missing coverage which is great! From here I have to edit each case that shows up and add the sprint x to the custom field which is a huge PITA. Once this is all done I then will be able to add all cases that have sprint x into a test run via the custom field filter when adding test to a Test Run…

I need a better way to handle this and Test Rail does not make it easy when you don’t use folders when adding cases to runs…


Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your posting. Have you looked into managing sprints/iterations just on the test run/execution level instead of the test case level? Since you already have the issue IDs linked to the cases, can’t you base the test runs on the issue IDs instead of adding the sprints to the cases as well? We can recommend using milestones for sprints and we even just introduced a new sub-milestone feature specifically for this purpose: