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Adding and managing defects



I am trying out TestRail for a project we are working on.

I wonder how to add and manage defects in TestRail. I understand there are options to integrate to external tools, but does TestRail have any built in defect management?

When you run and fail a test I see no place to add a defect, only to list some defect ID, which I assume is linked to some external integrated tool.

So how do you add defects in Test Rail? And how can you track them and manage them?


Test Rail is not a Defect Manager. You need something like TFS to integrate to track defects. There are a lot of tools that can integrate with TR and there is also a Test Rail API. In the Defect Id you add the ID of the bug entered (in my case the # from TFS) and with the correct entries in the Administration the ID will be linked automatically in Test Rail (this is the basic way that does not need the API).

Test Rail is a test case repository that stores the tests done and the test status of the case. My company is small so we do not do anything with the API and use the basic setup mentioned above.


Go to the main page to see the bug trackers that can be used:


Ok, thanks.

So to effectively manage testing and defects the testers use TestRail to run the tests and then need an external defect management tool to enter defects in?

Are there any free, or low cost ($10-15/user) cloud based ones available? (we don’t have funding for any licenses other than TestRail :frowning: )


More preferably the testers would use the same system for bugs that the Developers use for to track their work items. So if the developers use TFS then the QA folks should also use TFS.

All I have ever used is TFS - you can go to the link and scroll to the bottom of the page and research the options. TR does fully integrate with JIRA but I have no idea what the costs are for JIRA.