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Adding a user that was previously removed


I’m trying to add a user that I have previously removed and getting the message that the email is already in use.

Please let me know what I am missing.



Hello Byoungjo,

Thanks for your posting. You can simply re-enable this user and wouldn’t need to add a new user for this. Just click on the user under Administration > Users & Roles and change the status to Active again. If you don’t see the user in the list, please change the dropdown on the right to show all users.



Thank you Gurock, it’s solved.


You are welcome, Byoungjo, and great to hear that!



Having a similar problem. Sent a new user an invite, they did not activate it in time. Now they can’t activate (invite expired) and the email address is reported as “used” but does not show up under our project users. How do we “get back” the use of that users email address so we can activate the account?



Hi Jon,

Thanks for your posting. You can request a new password anytime on the Forgot Password page on the login screen. If you don’t see the user on the Administration > Users & Roles page it’s likely that the user is set to Inactive and you only see the list of active users. You can switch the view modes in the sidebar on the right (Show: All).

I hope this helps!



Hello Gurock,

This works perfectly.

Thanks for the insight