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Adding a run without any test cases

I am writing some automation using the TestRail APIs.
I am able to make a plan
I am able to add an entry under that plan
But I want this entry to have NO (0) test cases in it.
The test cases will be added later in my process.

I see I can either add ALL test cases or only selected test cases, but I am looking for a way to add NO (0) test cases.
“include_all”: false does not work because it makes me add at least one.

Hello @mmaliska,

Thanks for reaching out! The case ID’s are currently required for the add_plan_entry method. However, the add_run methods would accept an empty array for the case ID’s to create a test run without tests included.

I hope this helps and we’re happy to review accepting plany entries with no case ID’s specified.

Thank you @denriquez, for now I will work around this.
We added one unique test when we create a plan entry that needs to be empty.
If you ever do allow this, I would use it, that is for sure.

The reason for this option is we are creating a plan (via automation) when a new release comes out.
Under that plan we add to entries/runs.
Run is used to add all out automated test cases
Run two is where out manual test cases are added later by the testers after. (why we want it empty to start)

Thanks for you reply.