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Adding a particular testcase for multiple environments


We were just investigating testrails for usage in our company . But according to our needs we need one testcase to run for multiple environments or we will have to create same testcases for different environments.Image below can give a better understanding of scenario

How to do this without duplication of testcases in testrails?


One test case, but create a test plan with multiple configurations. (See

  • Create the test case
  • Go to Test Runs and Results
  • Click Add Test Plan
  • Click Add Test Suite
  • Choose the test suite for the test case, click OK
  • To the right of the test suite, click Configurations
  • You probably won’t have any configurations created yet, so click Add Group at the bottom
  • Enter a name, like Browsers, and click Add Group
  • Click Add Configuration
  • Enter a name, like IE10, and click Add Configuration
  • Repeat the previous 2 steps for each additional configuration
  • Once your list is complete check the boxes next to the configurations that you want to include, click OK.

Now you have a single test case that is being tested against multiple browser configurations.