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Adding a new column to Test Suites&Cases via Ui-Script


Hi all,
I am trying to add a new column to the lower mentioned table for adding a new icon with jquery, see hardcopy.

First, I tried to add a new col tag to the existing colgroup, but this did not work.
I decided to log some html tags to the console.
The table you can see above starts with:

table id =“grid-52848”

If you try to log all tags named ‘table’ with an attribute called ‘id’ you will not see the ‘grid-52848’ searching for other elements outside of the table are logged fine.

Is there any mechanism in place which manipulates the DOM, so that the jquery statement inside $(document).ready() is not working?


Hi Mario,

Thanks for your posting. It’s not really possible to add a new column via a UI script because any change on this page would re-render the list/tables and your column would no longer be shown. The case and run pages are highly dynamic and are updated frequently so adding a column requires server-side logic and cannot be implemented with a UI script. You can already add new columns for system and custom fields via the Columns button to customize the page.