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Adding a build version to existing drop down list


We have a TestRail Project with some drop down lists to select OS and Build Versions. Usually my manager adds these details to each test runs but now since he has been off and I am running new tests for a new build, I do not know how to add the new build version to the existing drop down list. Do I have to be an Administrator in order to do this or am I missing some information on how to do it? Any help or suggestions is much appreciated.



Hi - I’m pretty sure you have to be an Administrator in order to do that. I have a number of custom fields with drop-down lists, and need to be able to go to Administration tab in order to access these areas.

Check to see if you see the tab - on my TestRail, it’s on the right hand side near the top.


Hi there,

Thanks for the post! @FranC is correct, you would need to have administrative rights in order to add or edit the available options in any system or custom fields. You would see the Administrator tab in the top right corner of the TestRail UI if you have the necessary permissions to make those changes. If you see that option, you can go to Administration > Customizations to make the necessary edits.


Thank you Jacob and FranC