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Add user - how to edit the email message



wen creating a new user and selecting the option

“Invite user and generate random password”

I want to add/edit this automatic email message, where can this be edited?



Hello Roy,

To change the text of an email (or to generally change any labels or strings in TestRail), you would need to create a new translation. TestRail automatically falls back to the standard English translation so you wouldn’t need to change/maintain any other strings though. If you would like to try this, you would need to do the following:

To create a new language, you would need to create a new directory under app/i18n/translations/ (e.g. en-roy). You would then need to copy the all.php file from the en/ directory to your new custom directory and edit it. You can delete all strings except the texts you want to change.

TestRail will automatically fallback to the English translations for all strings that aren’t specified in your new all.php file. You would then need to register the new language by creating the custom/config directory and adding a new file called languages.php and adding the following configuration to this file (without the dashes of course):

<?php $languages['en-roy'] = 'English (Roy)'; ---- The last step would be to select the new language as the default language for your installation under Administration > Site Settings. Just let me know in case you have any questions. Regards, Dennis


Hi Dennis

Thanks for the reply. But I was not thinking of changing the whole translation. I was just thinking of just adding my contact information in the signature of the automatically email notification.

for example:
in the subject line- [TestRail] A new user account was created for you (not changes needed)
in the email body - Dear …

Powered by TestRail
contact info: email goes here/phone number


Hello Roy,

you would need to create a custom “translation” in order to update the email text/signature. We might make this easier to customize in the future. That said, creating the translation works well for now as TestRail will automatically fallback to the standard texts for all non-translated strings, so you can simply change the one text.

You could theoretically change the email text in TestRail’s all.php directly, but an update would override your changes, thus the custom “translation”.

I hope this helps.