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Add text instead of replace in bulk edit



is it possible to add something a field in the bulk edit mode and not replace it ?

Like I want to add a prefix to a certain test cases. When selecting them and choose the bulk edit, I guess changing the title will replace it, right ?

Or is there a placeholder for the current title, like


or so - that I could write ?

prefix %title%



Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting! At this point, the bulk-edit does not support replacing/appending data and would always set/override the entire field.




Now the bulk editing of test cases is a real challenge and we have to do a lot of manual work. I’d like to add my vote for replacing/appending data to be included in a future release. It would be usefull.



Thanks for your feedback, Natalia!



Would like to give my vote as well :slight_smile:
Bulk edit is almost useless without bulk adding



Hi Itsik,

Thanks for your feedback!



Upvoting - is this even the right place to do so?


Hi Faisal,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, you can upvote here in our forums or via email and any feedback we receive is added to our internal tracker. When a similar request is made we add votes to the original. Thanks for your vote!

As an alternative, you can look into the XML export/import option as you would be able to export your test cases via XML, make bulk edits via your XML editor (e.g. you can use the built-in find and replace function), and then re-import this into TestRail via the ‘Update existing test cases’ option. This might be helpful in some cases.

Hope this helps!



Please add my vote for this feature. JIRA does a good job of this if you are looking for a pattern example.


cool - i did not know about this, so at least there is a workaround. Nevertheless, such functionality should be part of the system and not making us to leave the system, do it and then go back to the system.